2pcs Aquarium Background 3D Poster


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  • Aquatic Decorations Type: Backgrounds
  • Model Number: Fish Tank Background
  • Material: PVC
  • Type: fish
  • Pattern: Underwater World, Rainforest
  • Color: 30x42cm, 30x52cm, 30x61cm, 41x61cm, 41x122cm
  • Application: Aquarium, Fish Tank, Glass
  • Type 1: Aquarium Decoration
  • Type 2: Fish Tank Landscape
  • Type 3: Background Sticker
  • Type 4: Wallpaper
  • Type 5: Backdrop Poster

Aquarium Background Poster 3D PVC Adhesive Sticker Fish Tank Underwater World Backdrop Decoration Paper Landscape Wallpaper

Package Including:
1 x Self-adhesive Aquarium Background Wallpaper

Material: PVC
Size: 30x42cm, 30x52cm, 30x61cm, 41x61cm, 41x122cm

★ Installation method:

1. Firstly clean the fish tank on the back of the glass, and then spray a few of water with liquid detergent on the glass uniformly or wipe with wet cloth.(to reduce the viscosity of the glue).

2. Tear off surface protection film of background, and start to attach slowly. If it appears bubbles, you can rip it off and spray some water at the bubble and then paste it again.

3. After putting it on, use the scraper or touch to check if there are any air bubbles. If there are any air bubbles, you can use the needle to puncture them or use the scraper to squeeze out and smooth them.

4. If the water is not squeezed thoroughly, the glue will turn white after being taped, use hair dryer to dry it and then affix it and smooth it.

★ Tips:

Before use, the creases on the stickers are normal. It is not a product quality problem. After peeling off the film on the surface layer and pasting it on the wall of the fish tank, the creases can be flattened without affecting the effect.

★ Realistic Aquarium:

Provide a simple and efficient background design for your aquarium with an attractive theme. Bright color and clear pattern, waterproof and not easy to fade.

★ Self-adhesive Design:

Thickened stickers, bright color, non-reflective, waterproof, no fading. With self-adhesive on one side, easy to attach the decoration paper to aquarium or fish tank.

★ Wonderful Decoration:

Wonderful and fantastic background poster, great decor for fish tank and aquarium. Perfect to create a beautiful display and enhance the appearance of the aquarium.

★ PVC Material:

Aquarium poster is made of high quality PVC material, firm, non-toxic, no odor, no water stains, durable and long service life.

★ 5 Size Available:

Five sizes, suit a variety of fish tank and aquarium, let you have more choice. Great decor for fish tank and aquarium.



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