fish tank Natural Coconut Palm Fiber Mat


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  • Model Number: 497
  • Material: natural coconut palm
  • Size: 26.5x40cm,40x40cm,80x40cm,100x40cm
  • Model Number: 497
  • Type1: Coconut Palm Fiber Reptile Carpet
  • Type2: Lizard Snake Chamelon Turtle Mat
  • Type3: Flowerpot Decoration Mat


Model: Natural Coconut Palm Fiber Reptile Carpet

Material: natural coconut palm

Size:  XS(26.5x40cm), S (40x40cm), M (80x40cm), L (100x40cm)

Package Included:
1X Coconut Palm Fiber Reptile Carpet

1. Safe Material: The cushion is made of natural coconut fiber, safe.
2. Keeping Function: Keep the soil in the basket, but let water and air circulate.
3. Can be Cut: The coconut palm mat is very suitable for using with hanging baskets, vases, terrariums, etc. That is difficult to install and have strange shapes, and can also be used repeatedly.
4. Health Features: This substrate not only looks good, but also healthier for reptiles, tortoises, rabbits, hamsters and small animals than most alternatives.
5. Suitable for: Family garden wedding decoration, flower basket and flower pot decoration, and reptile animal carpets such as turtles and lizards.





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